Mission 3: Face Of The Enemy (7/26/13)

This session started with the party picking up a massive radar signal on their sensors as they were leaving New Horizons. Looking behind them, they saw a massive A-T capital ship swooping down over the manufacturing station they had just left. Having narrowly escaped the wrath of A-T, the party returned to New Eden. On the way to Wesker’s office however, they began suffering severe hallucinations, seeing themselves sucked out into space towards a large burning satellite. Everything went dark in the belly of the beast, and next thing anyone knew they were back in Denver waking up to a normal summer’s day.

In Denver the party quickly found purpose here however, being summoned by General Derek Jacobi who had dire news regarding Rin’s family. Apparently her mother didn’t die in the car crash like she thought she did, and now her brother was a convict on the run, having kidnapped the CEO of Gened Corporation. Not trusting his own men because of rampant government corruption, General Jacobi sought to bring this matter directly to Rin and her colleagues, despite knowing it could cost him his freedom. On the way home the party was tailed by a mysterious black sedan who followed them through the streets.

At an old gas station in the mountains of Colorado where Rin’s brother had last been seen, the party found a cranky old man, who after being threatened with a gun told them about a conversation he’d overheard. Apparently Rin’s brother and his accomplices had been talking about going ‘cave exploring’ in the area, and the old man even circled a few possible spots on a map. After having reached the circled location, the party began climbing down into a valley, following an underground cable that only Dak Dak could see. As they went however, they were caught by a guard who severely injured X09 before falling unconscious.



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