2030 – First human level AI is created by the The Human Brain Project, led by Henry Markram, a neuroscientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

2042 – Private scientific bio-engineering company Med-Adea International (MAI) is granted UN / G8 authority to conduct unregulated human cloning in international waters aboard the science vessel “Vesper.”

2054 – Humanity escapes the confines of its crowded home planet with the first human settlement on Mars called Mars One. The facility houses a small team of researchers and wealthy tourists.

Advanced robotics and artificial intelligence is still too expensive to be economical for widespread deployment; however for government and corporate research, development, and defense it begins to play an ever increasing role.

2059MAI develops the NH-G87 gene, causing accelerated clone growth to an adulthood development stage within 12 days of life. The discovery leaks out to powerful government institutions which have been secretly following the program. It spurs a host of secret “on shore” cloning facilities as countries fight over the new technology.

2063 – After significant leaps in bio-engineering, MAI gains international praise for its wide swath of genetic therapies for diseases such as Parkinson’s. The company also begins offering the first ever wave of ‘Enhancement Therapies’, offering everything from increased strength, to better complexion, to enhanced intelligence. Their slogan becomes, “If you’re born with it, we can fix it.”

Their reputation however takes a serious blow later the same year as Vesperian scientists and crew are killed by rogue clone experiments. A horrifying video leaks onto the internet and incites international protests and a “BioGen rights movement.”

2064 – United States Department of Defense contractor Isis Marens releases official documents revealing the existence of 8 additional BioGen cloning facilities on US soil after hacking group Anonymous exposes the same information online, thus forcing their hand.

Two months of nationwide US riots and protests eventually leads to the release and liberation of BioGens from US military installations, setting back their bio-engineering program and falling behind China.

The BioGen Citizenship Act is enacted by G8 Nations.

2068 – Aurora Tomorrow Corp. [A-T] is founded by Planetary Resources to launch a 1.9 trillion dollar deep space exploration program. The program’s first goal is to expand human space based technology and infrastructure to allow for interstellar travel. The company dramatically expands asteroid based mining operations, and begins construction of hundreds of inhabitable space stations for manufacturing, ore refining, and workforce housing.

2070 – China blows away analysts’ predictions by augmenting their military with 850,000 combat engineered BioGens years ahead of schedule. Fear grips the international community and sparks a global “BioGen-class engineering” arms race.

Feeling international pressure China agrees to a binding UN resolution banning further cloning of human BioGens, calling it “on par in significance to Nuclear Weaponry” and recommends that “all nations come to the table to discuss it.”

A-T develops the Hammerdown Mobile Facility power station: a fusion core module capable of sustaining sufficient power and life support for long range space travel. The discovery however is largely overshadowed by recent developments, and regulators call for spending cuts to A-T’s ballooning budget.

2074 – French medical corporation Horizon Génétique exploits a loophole in the ‘human’ BioGen ban by developing the first ever cross genetic feline / human BioGen. American spies report that China has not stopped BioGen production, and the United States exploits the loophole to catch up to the east without violating the UN resolution outright.

2075 – A race to develop cross genetic hybrids erupts worldwide and the UN attempts to sanction various allied nation economies, but eventually disbands. With the UN disbanding its resolutions are tossed out and the flood gates open to BioGen production.

2076 – A lack of free trade brought about by the near cold-war like global atmosphere leads to a general degradation of worldwide economies. The United States is particularly hard-hit, and tensions flare as communist states Russia and China begin to sense weakness.

A-T fails to finish the Hammerdown project due to lack of funding and the Hammerdown Network is abandoned, totaling 143 installations in earth’s orbit.

2081 – A terrorist attack on Wall Street is mistaken as a tactical strike from Russia. The US then hastily launches a nuclear counterstrike in retaliation. World War III begins as global thermo-nuclear conflict annihilates an initial 62% of the world population. Intense fighting begins as each nation unleashes its arsenal of bio-engineered super soldiers to target remaining military targets.

Planetary Resources and A-T form The Exogenesis for Humanity project: a last resort effort to shuttle 2,000+ war survivors to orbital space stations in an attempt to preserve humanity. Survivors are selected based on importance, skill, profession, and political influence.

The project’s success is dependent on launching Hammerdown compatible shuttles from 3 launch sites around the world before increasing electrical storms prevent all possibilities for departure. The Exogenesis for Humanity is led by Commander Ley Tetrick, General Ryan Wheaton, and General Syoji Masashi.

The battle at Calden Fort launch facility in the United States is lost by the Exogenesis for Humanity militia as they fail to hold back the attacking BioGen armies. The Victoria Station launch facility in Australia also fails due to still unknown reasons, however the battle at Hope’s Prospect launch facility in New Zealand is won, launching 17 out of 23 lifeboat shuttles into orbit and evacuating 421 survivors.

Plagues, famine, and violent storms ravage the earth, extinguishing most remaining life.

2084 – In the hectic aftermath of the evacuation frantic attempts are made to restore order and archive what little information and historical information remains. This leads to the first orbital colony Noah’s Ark which is founded by General Syoji Masashi.

2085 – Noah’s Ark establishes radio contact with 12 abandoned automated Hammerdown powerstations, paving the way for small steps to expansion. After intense observation orbital scientists report significantly more nuclear fallout than originally predicted, lowering the prospect of any stranded survivors on the surface.

2089 – Hammerdown powered colony stations Fort Yukon, Ambertown, and Capsize are established. The last radio signal from Earth is recorded this year, marking the extinction of all known human civilization on the surface.

2126 – Resource disputes divide the colonies into two factions; Tesla Crown and the Ambertonians. The Battle of Yukon begins.

2128 – Noah’s Ark is destroyed, killing 41 and severing communications between Fort Yukon and Ambertown.

2130 – A-T creates the science / military council “Novia Second” (N2) to serve as the presiding rule over the colonies. Fort Yukon is destroyed, and the colonial war comes to a close.

2132 – Several new colony stations are successfully constructed under the command of N2 General Jaxton Ewing.

2138 – N2 discovers the mineral Aurorite as a fuel source.

2150 – Due to increasing distances between colonies, N2 appoints A-T as official transportation and civil authority.

2158 – Advanced super-AI known as “N2-Alpha” is designed by N2 to streamline colony resource distribution, information processing, and military positioning.

2161 – A-T begins construction on their most ambitious facility to date, the A-T Spaceport Alpha Complex; a massive transit center and data network for the colonies.

2164 – N2-Alpha is granted primary control over N2 as a process to maximize efficiency.

2167 – N2-Alpha authorizes the production of BioGen class-engineering for hazardous occupations aboard the colonies, and for use at the construction site of the A-T Spaceport. Opposed to this decision, A-T councilman Benjamin Collins lobbies for the termination of AI authority over the military conglomerate.

Benjamin Collins and 8 other A-T councilmen are arrested by N2 military for unrelated treasonous allegations. There is no official record of their trial or release.

Remaining A-T councilmen Brandon Tetric, Hosglow Barrows, Rich Inet, and Jaxton Ewing meet with 9 other colony representatives to sign the A-T Free Peoples Act. All 13 members are killed in a mysterious explosion during the signing.

Last surviving members of A-T retreat to the nearly completed A-T Spaceport. Upon arrival, they engage a full facility lockdown, and protect navigational data behind an AI known as “IR” or “Intelligent Recognition.”

Ambertown and several other stations are placed under martial law by N2 military in an attempt to quell ensuing riots.

N2-Alpha renames N2 “Exogenesis” and begins referring to itself as “the Exogen.”

2168 – Military domination within the colonies continues, as 1/2 of Ambertown is annexed as an internment camp for ‘unruly colonists.’

2169 – Exogenesis attempts to establish contact with the automated A-T Spaceport are met with lethal resistance by IR and ultimately fail.

2170 – With resources running out and travel becoming increasingly hazardous, the Exogen allows colony representatives to make an attempt at bringing the A-T Spaceport online.

With the success at restoring primary systems to A-T Spaceport by the colonists, the Exogen begins construction on a new facility to serve as a command center for Exogenesis.

2171 – A-T Spaceport is completed and fully operational. Aurora Tomorrow is restructured. IR is redesigned as a data protocol AI, and protectorate of the facility. IR is renamed IRIS; Intelligent Response and Inquiry Simulation.

2172 – A-T and Exogenesis officials hold a summit and form the global bifactor organization ‘Colony Network Cooperative.’ The CNC’s duties will be to serve as a primary corporate mediator between A-T, Exogenesis, and independent colony governments.

2173 – The present day status quo develops. The CNC serves primary roles in corporate interest, private enterprise, technology trade, and public health. The CNC enforces a barrier of peace between Exogenesis and A-T with powerful debate and reason, as opposed to military might.

A-T serves primary roles in legal, judicial, and civil protection processes. Biomedical services, fertility labs, and health & safety facilities are among the highest ranking within the CNC.

Exogenesis serves primary roles in biogenetic experimentation, and technological advancements in travel, medicine, and weaponry. The Exogen, now having reached a simulated state of sentience, is seemingly obsessed with experimentation, control, and data collection. Exogenesis demonstrates authority over the colonies when it serves a higher purpose, but the Exogen knows it cannot prosper without the aid of the CNC.

Most colonies within the CNC operate within a state of perpetual poverty. With resources in constant demand, and stations suffering from age and lack of maintenance; the colonies vary widely from closely tied governments to dens of criminal activity.

2252 – Current Day


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