The Company

The Company is a 2081 action thriller starting some actors who look suspiciously like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis.

The movie scored 23% on for its unoriginal uninspired plot, campy action sequences, and lack of character development.

The plot

The plot centers around a man who knows too much and who narrowly survives an assassination attempt by a shadowy organization known only as ‘The Company’. After failing to assassinate him The Company abducts his wife and makes him a deal, surrender to them, or watch her die.

As the man descends deeper into The Company’s web of international influence, he begins to realize that they are secretly controlling the entire globe. Many explosions, chase scenes, and gun fights later the man breaks into The Company’s secret underground bunker, rescues the woman he loves, and saves the world by exposing the truth and assassinating the evil CEO.

The Company

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