Lightmass Transit (LMT)

Lightmass Transit (LMT) uses point-to-point matter transference as a means of transportation. In order for this to work, two ‘portals’ are required to be opened. LMT gates are designed to serve as portal anchors for the LMT network. The largest LMT hub within the CNC is located aboard the A-T Spaceport. LMT technology was developed by the Exogen.

LMT uses navigational buoy relay satellites to establish a link between two gates. Seating six, the gates then use a Spacial Distortion Drive to transition matter from point to point. LMT is the standard mode of travel within the CNC and outlying colonies, but shuttlecraft are still widely used for cargo and troop transport.

The LMT network has been known to be somewhat finicky, and is easily disrupted by various natural and artificial phenomenon. This makes it extremely hard to be used over extremely long distances, or to transport to or from a planets surface. The atmosphere simply creates too much of a strain on the portal connection, and it is unable to compensate for the distortions. This limitation can however be countered by using larger more stable portals.

The LMT network is less economical than shuttlecraft, however not by a huge margin. This means that the flexibility and speed of LMT travel makes it ideal for human transport, or for urgent time-sensitive cargo. When time is not the largest limiting factor however, shuttlecraft are still the most economical choice for transporting large amounts of cargo.

Lightmass Transit (LMT)

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