Mission 3: Face Of The Enemy (8/24/13)

Tonight the party were faced with a dilemma: how could they save Rin’s brother and capture the CEO they’d been paid to find? The task was not easy, especially considering that they were currently surrounded by over 30 guards and super soldiers. Quickly devising a plan of attack however the party sprung into action. First a distraction was created by shooting several rounds into the crowd, then a smoke canister was tossed into the fray to mask X-09’s approach from behind. Things quickly went downhill however as X-09 was caught, and Rin was quickly being cornered by an army of guards.

The brother and his group however seemed to have a plan of their own, hopping into a gunship that bust into the room guns blazing. At first they welcomed X-09 onto their ship with them as they sped away from the gunfire; but X-09 had plans of his own, grabbing the CEO and jumping from the ship onto the tower’s balcony. With one of the ship’s engines smoking and on fire it disappeared into the wall of clouds, leaving X-09 and Rin alone to be captured by the woman in white. At her mercy they were led to the lab of the psytech, unsure of what fate they now would face.

Waiting for their deaths the party was soon surprised to find that the men on the gunship had been caught as well, the situation seeming to become even more bleak. One by one the psytech then began scanning their brains for information, but eventually Dak Dak hacked into her mind and set everyone free. With tempers flaring and ego’s clashing Mac just seemed to rub X-09 just the wrong way, and the android blew his brains out with a gun. Furious, Rin shot X-09 in the head in retaliation, and what was left of the group made their escape.

Mission 3: Face Of The Enemy (8/2/13)

Tonight the party picked up right where they left off: running away from the body of the guard they just shot, and being pursued by what sounded like dozens of guards behind them. As the party ran for their lives Dak Dak managed to tumble into an old abandoned mineshaft, followed (albeit much more elegantly) by Rin. Inside the mine the party found what looked like attack plans drawn into the dirt next to an electrical control box. Following the plans they were led to an underground aquifer, which was feeding into a gigantic pumping station.

Exploring around the pumping station the party found disabled security cameras, dead technicians, several piles of C-4 rigged to blow, and 3 mysterious men in the distance. Taking aim Rin set her sights on the closest one, then firing off a round as X-09 told her to take the shot. As the bullet ripped into one of the man’s shoulders, Rin looked on in horror as it was revealed to be her brother. Narrowly escaping the blast of the C-4, Rin angrily shot X-09 in the foot before everyone continued down the aquifer to the next pumping station.

Taking an elevator from the second pumping station, the party gained access to a series of large towers stretching into the sky. Following the clues her brother’s group left behind, the party was led to the top floor of a second tower connected to the first. Hiding behind the corner of a hallway, the group gazed into a large room filled with guards surrounding Rin’s brother. Among the guards were two large super soldiers as well as the woman in white, which they had seen before in their dreams. The woman seemed to be talking to the three while the brother held his now wounded shoulder.

Mission 3: Face Of The Enemy (7/26/13)

This session started with the party picking up a massive radar signal on their sensors as they were leaving New Horizons. Looking behind them, they saw a massive A-T capital ship swooping down over the manufacturing station they had just left. Having narrowly escaped the wrath of A-T, the party returned to New Eden. On the way to Wesker’s office however, they began suffering severe hallucinations, seeing themselves sucked out into space towards a large burning satellite. Everything went dark in the belly of the beast, and next thing anyone knew they were back in Denver waking up to a normal summer’s day.

In Denver the party quickly found purpose here however, being summoned by General Derek Jacobi who had dire news regarding Rin’s family. Apparently her mother didn’t die in the car crash like she thought she did, and now her brother was a convict on the run, having kidnapped the CEO of Gened Corporation. Not trusting his own men because of rampant government corruption, General Jacobi sought to bring this matter directly to Rin and her colleagues, despite knowing it could cost him his freedom. On the way home the party was tailed by a mysterious black sedan who followed them through the streets.

At an old gas station in the mountains of Colorado where Rin’s brother had last been seen, the party found a cranky old man, who after being threatened with a gun told them about a conversation he’d overheard. Apparently Rin’s brother and his accomplices had been talking about going ‘cave exploring’ in the area, and the old man even circled a few possible spots on a map. After having reached the circled location, the party began climbing down into a valley, following an underground cable that only Dak Dak could see. As they went however, they were caught by a guard who severely injured X09 before falling unconscious.

Mission 2: Into The Fray (6/28/13)

The party started off this session returning from their successful invasion of Washington station, with a payload of medical supplies, scrap metal, and infected dead bodies. Once they got back to New Eden they cashed in on their bounty and headed to bed after an exhausting several days. In the night though U27 once again began to stir trouble; nearly murdering one of the party members in the medical tube they were healing in. After following the demented creature though the vents, X01 discovered she had infected the station’s ventilation system with ground up bodies.

Over the next 4 days the party fought off the spreading infection, and assisted the engineers in trying to keep everything under control. Eventually Dr. Keller managed to synthesize enough of his antidote to inoculate everyone, which finally allowed the party to continue onward towards their final destination: New Horizons. At New Horizons they quickly found the place completely deserted, surrounded by destroyed ships, and filled with nothing but the skeletons of the former crew. On edge they pushed deeper inside to find that someone else was also looking for the hidden satellite.

As the party ventured through the empty corridors, they began to have hallucinations of orbital coordinates appearing in strange locations. Realizing what they were, the party decided to input the coordinates into the radar facility, which was for a location 15% outside of sensor range. By boosting power just a little bit, they managed to scan the distant location and find the satellite. On their way out however, their hallucinations became worse and they began seeing a sort of reenactment of the horrible death of the station’s crew. From their visions they saw that they had all been murdered by a single armored Exogenesis soldier.

Mission 2: Into The Fray (6/21/13)

The session began with an electrifying start: Rin sniping out two station turrets, but not before several rounds of hot lead would slam into the side of the craft, causing the shuttle to begin leaking atmosphere; X09 prying though the station doors and offering the CNC his ultimatum; and Dak Dak uploading Rocket Man into the station speaker system. It all finally lead to Sorin parking the ship in a turret dead-zone and entering Washington though an air lock, but not before poor Mathew died from exposure to space.

The night carried on with the party narrowly deactivating the LMT system just before AT-Military arrived to cause serious pain, and X09 slicing though two CNC guards to secure the bay. The move was not without incident however, sending Dak Dak flying into the bulkhead as he was electrocuted from slicing into the LMT power conduits. Next Rin and the doc would break through the maglock guarding the AT radar facility, brushing aside auto turrets like pesky flies.

Now with their goal right before their eyes all that remained was to reach out and seize it, albeit for one small problem: Black ICE. After frying the brains of the first hacker attempting to break into the system and locking the second one out, a clever solution was devised: grab the damn servers with a dolly. Wheeling the precious information down to a conveniently docked AT Medical ship the group would reunite, leaving Washington with a load full of medical supplies, dead bodies, and ICE-ridden servers.

Mission 2: Into The Fray (6/14/13)

The party started out having just gotten back from the prison riot at Ambertown aboard their stolen transport shuttle. Upon arriving they were greeted with two new party members: one skinny white skinned man, and a friendly flamboyant girl with a knack for first aid. After spending some time getting to know the new members the party ventured to the center of the station for a quick talk with Wesker, who wanted to give the party a heads up about their Navicoms, and let them know about an outbreak at Washington station. After gathering some supplies, some legally, and some not, the party got onboard their transport shuttle again and set course for Washington.

Upon arriving they’d learn that Wesker wasn’t joking about the place being under lockdown, and despite several clever lies they’d be unable to work their way onto the station, running into roadblock after roadblock. The session was wrapped up with X09 jumping out the shuttle doors to literally begin cutting his way into the station airlock, Rin tying herself to the outside of the shuttle to snipe out turrets, and Sorin performing high velocity evasive maneuvers to avoid the hot lead being fired from numerous auto-turrets.

Mission 2: Into The Fray (6/7/13)

The party starts out by making their way to the LMT bays to head out to the first of three A-T radar facilities. They’ve been told that these facilities are command and control centers which process radar data from the A-T radar networks, and can thus be used to track down the exact location of the pre-war information satellite. The first facility is onboard the Ambertown, which serves among other things, as a penal colony.

Upon arriving at Ambertown the party begins to scope out the station, and quickly hatches a plan to stalk guards and kill them for their uniforms. Without delay Rin manages to do just that, taking out a drunken guard in a hallway and bringing his uniform to Sorin to wear. Meanwhile X09 goes shopping and manages to pick up an old CNC pen which he uses to put together a crude disguise. It proves to be enough though, and he manages to bluff his way to a guard inspection, lecturing them on their lazy work habits.

While the guards are distracted Rin manages to pick her way through the prison’s locks, getting to the guards station and activating the emergency evacuation system, causing all the stations doors to automatically open. This causes a prison riot, and in the ensuing chaos the party manages to not only get the information from the radar system, but also to escape in a shuttle craft carrying guns and medical supplies. On their way back to New Eden however, the party does a quick space walk to deactivate the ships tracking device.

Mission 2: Into The Fray (5/31/13)

This weeks session started out with the party being called to Commander Wesker’s office to be briefed on their new mission. So just what was that new mission? Well it turns out there were details of a pre-war information satellite stored along with the cryotubes that the party was found in. This information satellite, according to the Engineers, might hold proof that Aurora Tomorrow Corporation (A-T) instigated the war in order take over control of all humanity. Some members of the party however seem to faintly remember the satellite, and they remember it being of critical importance.

After the briefing the power goes out, and Rin is abducted by a strange woman known only as U-27. She is found several hours later bleeding from a large incision down her chest, as if she were cut open in some sort of horrific surgical procedure. The Engineers tell her that U-27 always returns to experiment again on the same person, and that they always end up dying. With that in mind the party is able to restore power to the station, and heads out to A-T Spaceport to begin their quest.

At the spaceport the party makes their way through Port Authority and is given a thorough medical scan, and legitimate IDs. Once they are past security they make their way to a contact of the Engineers who they’ve been told is able to hook them up with information. The party soon discovers however that the information is going to cost them an arm and a leg, however the synthetic man is able to quickly talk him down to just a hand. With information in tow the party finally makes their way down to Resource Management to pick up their 5 allotted Power Cells.

Mission 1: Twisted Dreams (5/17/13)

The party started out this session standing in the middle of the three armed man’s apartment wondering what the hell had just happened to them. That statement however was not entirely accurate as one member of the party was missing after not having had come back. Was she hurt? Taken? …or dead? No one knew, and no one knew what to do next.

That is until a mysterious man appeared from seemingly nowhere, warning the party that they needed to find their friend, and they needed to do it quickly. This man explained to the party that they were all inside of a simulation, and that they were all in danger if they didn’t hurry. The man seemed to know exactly where Rin was however, and everyone quickly ventured to Rose Medical Center to find her.

Now with Rin in tow the mysterious man told the party that to exit the simulation they all needed to get to DIA as quickly as possible. This proved to be more difficult than expected however as a series of things started to go wrong. First the party’s truck broke down, then the police started chasing them, then they got stuck in a traffic jam, and just about everything else that could go wrong did.

When the party finally escaped the simulation though they were taken into the care of a group known as The Engineers, and were told what was going on. They learned that they had been frozen in hyper sleep for hundreds of years, and that they were now in a post apocalyptic society which was the fragmented ruins of what used to be. Far stranger still was that the party was now floating in orbit around Earth, it looming below like a forbidden gem.

Mission 1: Twisted Dreams (5/9/13)

The party started out this week busting out of the Armory in a secretive corporate lab, high up in an industrial skyscraper. Their escape was mysteriously aided by someone who shut off the lights, the source of which was later found to be a most peculiar dwarf by the name of Dak Dak. Their victory was short lived however by the abrupt reappearance of the man in the suit, as he ran from a large rocket-launching mech. Then avoiding the mech, the party hijacked a window washing cart from a helpless Asian man, and escaped just ahead of a large fiery explosion.

On the ground the party struggled to find useful information and eventually went to a movie called ‘The Company’ to lay low for a while. On the way out they began having hallucinations of a cataclysmic event, and a woman in a white cloak. Even stranger the party discovered Dak Dak seemed to have gained the ability to heal even serious wounds without any medical treatment whatsoever. Upon arriving at the three-armed man’s apartment the party found the walls covered in insane writings, and pictures of various important people all leading to a large black question mark.

After a bit of research the party decided that they must still be floating inside the tanks at the lab, and that their world was a simulation. After devising a brilliant test of this hypothesis the group split into 4 directions, attempting to strain the simulation. As they drove away in their different directions the group began experiencing strange symptoms including nosebleeds, seizers, and blisters. It seemed the three-armed man was right after all.


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