Mission 1: Twisted Dreams (4/28/13)

The party is having twisted dreams of a man being interrogated by a faceless captor, his last words being: "You’re going to burn in fuckin’ hell for what you’ve done, and I’ll be there waiting for you.” The memories swirl in the Runner’s minds as they wake up floating inside bio-tubes submerged in green liquid and greeted by a frantic man. The man, Andre Munez, helps them out of their tubes and tells them that their belongings are locked away in an armory in another part of the facility, which is currently under assault.

The players dressed in little more than hospital gowns, and suffering from amnesia and nausea decide they need to reach the armory first to retrieve their missing items before hightailing it out of the building. On their way they narrowly avoid government swat teams by taking maintenance shafts which run under the floor of most of the facility. They also learn that the auto destruct sequence in the base has been activated, and they have less than 28 minutes to escape. Eventually the party reaches the armory after a few detours, gunfire, and deception with 10 minutes left to grab the loot and run. After dispatching with two armed guards the party begins to retrieve their belongings, but with guards hot on their tails they lock the door to hold off the troops as long as possible. One member however leaves the armory on his own, dressed in a nice suit and tie, pretending to be an FBI agent. So far all the runners know is that they appear to be on the upper floors of a tall skyscraper in the middle of a giant futuristic cityscape. They don’t know their own names, why they’re there, what’s going on, or why their very lives seem to be in danger. The skyscraper seems to be in an industrial area, and everything seems to be rusted and falling apart, sometimes quite literally held together with duck tape.

“What did I think of the way things used to be? Heh, heh …. hell
I don’t know. You mean before you went and fucked it all up? Suppose
it kinda fit me just right. Then again I’m the kind of asshole who
just didn’t give a fuck about much of anything. Damn near everyone was
so caught up in their day-to-day lives, they never even bothered to
stop and look up at the giant shoe crushing them into the dirt. Come
to think of it, you probably did everyone a favor putting them out of
their misery.” The man grunts and takes a big swig from the bottle hes
holding; wiping his mouth with a dirty over-sized fist. “Hell, as long
as we’re on the subject, you gonna just listen to me talk all day? Or
are we gonna get this over-with.”

“If you were so … dissatisfied, then why are you here?” The

voice calm, yet intense.

“I’m here ‘cause it wasn’t great, but god dammit it was home. So

what if my corporate scripts ran out long before each payday, I still
had a life. I spent every night at the bar drowning in whiskey, but I
fuckin’ loved it.” The man holds up his bottle again, chugging more of
the precious amber liquid. “You know how hard it is to find this shit
these days? Hell … I’d not know what to do with myself if I hadn’t
been chasing your ass down. You’re going to burn in fuckin’ hell for
what you’ve done, and I’ll be there waiting for you.”

”I seriously doubt that,” the voice raising a gun to the man’s forehead. As crimson blood splatters across the wall your vision begins to

fade to blackness, the vague twisted memories swirling in your head as
you seem to be falling through an infinite space. The wind of the void
blows through your hair, and a bright green light grows closer and
closer while you fall towards it. Deep muffled sounds begin to fill
your head, like distant machines grinding against metal, or at other
times like the frantic screams of people unknown. The green glow then
envelops you and a wall of sensations hits your body all at once.

Blinded at first all you can make out is a distorted shape before

you. Strange sounds assault your ears, your body jerks around
viciously through ice cold liquid, sharp metal restraints cut into
your limbs, and then … suddenly …. you realize where you are.
You’re floating in some sort of tank, the door of which has just been
thrown open. Thick green liquid gushes out onto the floor below, and a
strange man in a lab coat is talking a thousand miles an hour,
slapping you and shining an annoying flashlight in each of your eyes.

“Wake up! Wake up!!! Come on ….. that’s it. Very good. You got

it.” As you come-to he releases your restraints and you collapse onto
him, your body feeling more like jello than flesh. The sound of a
distant explosion violently shakes the room, and gunfire is suddenly
heard. The room is cast in an eerie green light from the large vats of
bio-liquid lining the walls, and a red glow from the emergency
lightning. “Warning! Auto-destruct sequence activated,” says the cold
calculating voice of the computer. The man swallows hard for a moment
… and then looks at you with a frightened expression. “If we don’t
get out of here right now, we’re both going to die.”


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