Mission 3: Face Of The Enemy (8/24/13)

Tonight the party were faced with a dilemma: how could they save Rin’s brother and capture the CEO they’d been paid to find? The task was not easy, especially considering that they were currently surrounded by over 30 guards and super soldiers. Quickly devising a plan of attack however the party sprung into action. First a distraction was created by shooting several rounds into the crowd, then a smoke canister was tossed into the fray to mask X-09’s approach from behind. Things quickly went downhill however as X-09 was caught, and Rin was quickly being cornered by an army of guards.

The brother and his group however seemed to have a plan of their own, hopping into a gunship that bust into the room guns blazing. At first they welcomed X-09 onto their ship with them as they sped away from the gunfire; but X-09 had plans of his own, grabbing the CEO and jumping from the ship onto the tower’s balcony. With one of the ship’s engines smoking and on fire it disappeared into the wall of clouds, leaving X-09 and Rin alone to be captured by the woman in white. At her mercy they were led to the lab of the psytech, unsure of what fate they now would face.

Waiting for their deaths the party was soon surprised to find that the men on the gunship had been caught as well, the situation seeming to become even more bleak. One by one the psytech then began scanning their brains for information, but eventually Dak Dak hacked into her mind and set everyone free. With tempers flaring and ego’s clashing Mac just seemed to rub X-09 just the wrong way, and the android blew his brains out with a gun. Furious, Rin shot X-09 in the head in retaliation, and what was left of the group made their escape.



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