Mission 3: Face Of The Enemy (8/2/13)

Tonight the party picked up right where they left off: running away from the body of the guard they just shot, and being pursued by what sounded like dozens of guards behind them. As the party ran for their lives Dak Dak managed to tumble into an old abandoned mineshaft, followed (albeit much more elegantly) by Rin. Inside the mine the party found what looked like attack plans drawn into the dirt next to an electrical control box. Following the plans they were led to an underground aquifer, which was feeding into a gigantic pumping station.

Exploring around the pumping station the party found disabled security cameras, dead technicians, several piles of C-4 rigged to blow, and 3 mysterious men in the distance. Taking aim Rin set her sights on the closest one, then firing off a round as X-09 told her to take the shot. As the bullet ripped into one of the man’s shoulders, Rin looked on in horror as it was revealed to be her brother. Narrowly escaping the blast of the C-4, Rin angrily shot X-09 in the foot before everyone continued down the aquifer to the next pumping station.

Taking an elevator from the second pumping station, the party gained access to a series of large towers stretching into the sky. Following the clues her brother’s group left behind, the party was led to the top floor of a second tower connected to the first. Hiding behind the corner of a hallway, the group gazed into a large room filled with guards surrounding Rin’s brother. Among the guards were two large super soldiers as well as the woman in white, which they had seen before in their dreams. The woman seemed to be talking to the three while the brother held his now wounded shoulder.



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