Mission 2: Into The Fray (6/7/13)

The party starts out by making their way to the LMT bays to head out to the first of three A-T radar facilities. They’ve been told that these facilities are command and control centers which process radar data from the A-T radar networks, and can thus be used to track down the exact location of the pre-war information satellite. The first facility is onboard the Ambertown, which serves among other things, as a penal colony.

Upon arriving at Ambertown the party begins to scope out the station, and quickly hatches a plan to stalk guards and kill them for their uniforms. Without delay Rin manages to do just that, taking out a drunken guard in a hallway and bringing his uniform to Sorin to wear. Meanwhile X09 goes shopping and manages to pick up an old CNC pen which he uses to put together a crude disguise. It proves to be enough though, and he manages to bluff his way to a guard inspection, lecturing them on their lazy work habits.

While the guards are distracted Rin manages to pick her way through the prison’s locks, getting to the guards station and activating the emergency evacuation system, causing all the stations doors to automatically open. This causes a prison riot, and in the ensuing chaos the party manages to not only get the information from the radar system, but also to escape in a shuttle craft carrying guns and medical supplies. On their way back to New Eden however, the party does a quick space walk to deactivate the ships tracking device.



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