Mission 2: Into The Fray (6/28/13)

The party started off this session returning from their successful invasion of Washington station, with a payload of medical supplies, scrap metal, and infected dead bodies. Once they got back to New Eden they cashed in on their bounty and headed to bed after an exhausting several days. In the night though U27 once again began to stir trouble; nearly murdering one of the party members in the medical tube they were healing in. After following the demented creature though the vents, X01 discovered she had infected the station’s ventilation system with ground up bodies.

Over the next 4 days the party fought off the spreading infection, and assisted the engineers in trying to keep everything under control. Eventually Dr. Keller managed to synthesize enough of his antidote to inoculate everyone, which finally allowed the party to continue onward towards their final destination: New Horizons. At New Horizons they quickly found the place completely deserted, surrounded by destroyed ships, and filled with nothing but the skeletons of the former crew. On edge they pushed deeper inside to find that someone else was also looking for the hidden satellite.

As the party ventured through the empty corridors, they began to have hallucinations of orbital coordinates appearing in strange locations. Realizing what they were, the party decided to input the coordinates into the radar facility, which was for a location 15% outside of sensor range. By boosting power just a little bit, they managed to scan the distant location and find the satellite. On their way out however, their hallucinations became worse and they began seeing a sort of reenactment of the horrible death of the station’s crew. From their visions they saw that they had all been murdered by a single armored Exogenesis soldier.



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