Mission 2: Into The Fray (6/21/13)

The session began with an electrifying start: Rin sniping out two station turrets, but not before several rounds of hot lead would slam into the side of the craft, causing the shuttle to begin leaking atmosphere; X09 prying though the station doors and offering the CNC his ultimatum; and Dak Dak uploading Rocket Man into the station speaker system. It all finally lead to Sorin parking the ship in a turret dead-zone and entering Washington though an air lock, but not before poor Mathew died from exposure to space.

The night carried on with the party narrowly deactivating the LMT system just before AT-Military arrived to cause serious pain, and X09 slicing though two CNC guards to secure the bay. The move was not without incident however, sending Dak Dak flying into the bulkhead as he was electrocuted from slicing into the LMT power conduits. Next Rin and the doc would break through the maglock guarding the AT radar facility, brushing aside auto turrets like pesky flies.

Now with their goal right before their eyes all that remained was to reach out and seize it, albeit for one small problem: Black ICE. After frying the brains of the first hacker attempting to break into the system and locking the second one out, a clever solution was devised: grab the damn servers with a dolly. Wheeling the precious information down to a conveniently docked AT Medical ship the group would reunite, leaving Washington with a load full of medical supplies, dead bodies, and ICE-ridden servers.



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