Mission 2: Into The Fray (6/14/13)

The party started out having just gotten back from the prison riot at Ambertown aboard their stolen transport shuttle. Upon arriving they were greeted with two new party members: one skinny white skinned man, and a friendly flamboyant girl with a knack for first aid. After spending some time getting to know the new members the party ventured to the center of the station for a quick talk with Wesker, who wanted to give the party a heads up about their Navicoms, and let them know about an outbreak at Washington station. After gathering some supplies, some legally, and some not, the party got onboard their transport shuttle again and set course for Washington.

Upon arriving they’d learn that Wesker wasn’t joking about the place being under lockdown, and despite several clever lies they’d be unable to work their way onto the station, running into roadblock after roadblock. The session was wrapped up with X09 jumping out the shuttle doors to literally begin cutting his way into the station airlock, Rin tying herself to the outside of the shuttle to snipe out turrets, and Sorin performing high velocity evasive maneuvers to avoid the hot lead being fired from numerous auto-turrets.



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