Mission 2: Into The Fray (5/31/13)

This weeks session started out with the party being called to Commander Wesker’s office to be briefed on their new mission. So just what was that new mission? Well it turns out there were details of a pre-war information satellite stored along with the cryotubes that the party was found in. This information satellite, according to the Engineers, might hold proof that Aurora Tomorrow Corporation (A-T) instigated the war in order take over control of all humanity. Some members of the party however seem to faintly remember the satellite, and they remember it being of critical importance.

After the briefing the power goes out, and Rin is abducted by a strange woman known only as U-27. She is found several hours later bleeding from a large incision down her chest, as if she were cut open in some sort of horrific surgical procedure. The Engineers tell her that U-27 always returns to experiment again on the same person, and that they always end up dying. With that in mind the party is able to restore power to the station, and heads out to A-T Spaceport to begin their quest.

At the spaceport the party makes their way through Port Authority and is given a thorough medical scan, and legitimate IDs. Once they are past security they make their way to a contact of the Engineers who they’ve been told is able to hook them up with information. The party soon discovers however that the information is going to cost them an arm and a leg, however the synthetic man is able to quickly talk him down to just a hand. With information in tow the party finally makes their way down to Resource Management to pick up their 5 allotted Power Cells.



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