Mission 1: Twisted Dreams (5/9/13)

The party started out this week busting out of the Armory in a secretive corporate lab, high up in an industrial skyscraper. Their escape was mysteriously aided by someone who shut off the lights, the source of which was later found to be a most peculiar dwarf by the name of Dak Dak. Their victory was short lived however by the abrupt reappearance of the man in the suit, as he ran from a large rocket-launching mech. Then avoiding the mech, the party hijacked a window washing cart from a helpless Asian man, and escaped just ahead of a large fiery explosion.

On the ground the party struggled to find useful information and eventually went to a movie called ‘The Company’ to lay low for a while. On the way out they began having hallucinations of a cataclysmic event, and a woman in a white cloak. Even stranger the party discovered Dak Dak seemed to have gained the ability to heal even serious wounds without any medical treatment whatsoever. Upon arriving at the three-armed man’s apartment the party found the walls covered in insane writings, and pictures of various important people all leading to a large black question mark.

After a bit of research the party decided that they must still be floating inside the tanks at the lab, and that their world was a simulation. After devising a brilliant test of this hypothesis the group split into 4 directions, attempting to strain the simulation. As they drove away in their different directions the group began experiencing strange symptoms including nosebleeds, seizers, and blisters. It seemed the three-armed man was right after all.



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