Mission 1: Twisted Dreams (5/17/13)

The party started out this session standing in the middle of the three armed man’s apartment wondering what the hell had just happened to them. That statement however was not entirely accurate as one member of the party was missing after not having had come back. Was she hurt? Taken? …or dead? No one knew, and no one knew what to do next.

That is until a mysterious man appeared from seemingly nowhere, warning the party that they needed to find their friend, and they needed to do it quickly. This man explained to the party that they were all inside of a simulation, and that they were all in danger if they didn’t hurry. The man seemed to know exactly where Rin was however, and everyone quickly ventured to Rose Medical Center to find her.

Now with Rin in tow the mysterious man told the party that to exit the simulation they all needed to get to DIA as quickly as possible. This proved to be more difficult than expected however as a series of things started to go wrong. First the party’s truck broke down, then the police started chasing them, then they got stuck in a traffic jam, and just about everything else that could go wrong did.

When the party finally escaped the simulation though they were taken into the care of a group known as The Engineers, and were told what was going on. They learned that they had been frozen in hyper sleep for hundreds of years, and that they were now in a post apocalyptic society which was the fragmented ruins of what used to be. Far stranger still was that the party was now floating in orbit around Earth, it looming below like a forbidden gem.



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